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Report of files never viewed in SharePoint library

It would be helpful to have a report that shows all items in a document library that have never been viewed, with the ability to drill down to specific sub-folders, and create a custom date range. Currently, I must use the File and Page Activities report and filter for two activities: Uploaded File and Accessed file, then identify the items that are missing the "Accessed file" activity. Furthermore, if an item (report) with the same name is uploaded to two different folder locations, then I have to first create a "Unique ID" column that combines the File Path (from the Details column) and the File Name (from the Item column). This SysKit Point report would be quite helpful for anyone who is managing many files in a document library and need to quick way to determine which files they can discontinue uploading to/delete from the document library due to lack of interest.

  • Rochelle Samuels
  • Jun 14 2021
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