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Headers and footers in Excel documents

So, we use a logo as well as words for the header and footer in the WORD reports.
- The reason for wanting the words to appear in excel is, we need to classify everything - with labels like "confidential" or "restricted" or "sensitive", etc.
- We would love for the headers and footers to work in Excel reports.

The minimum requirement we need to meet internally is this:
-> We need the headers and footers to appear in Print Preview and Page Layout view modes - So whatever we type into the Header Template line in the Report Options page in SPDocKit should show in the Excel header, if we have selected the "Page Layout" View, or are looking at Print Preview.
-> In the same way, the footer in those same modes should show the page number and ideally the Sheet Name.

  • Mario Znika
  • Jul 8 2019
  • Shipped