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Document web parts

Does SPDocKit have a report where I can report on webparts in the site collection? Say, I need to report on all webparts being used or a specific webpart being used in the entire site collection?

Please consider the following scenario:

I have a solution (in this case it is a 3rd party custom solution) which is deployed as a farm solution and is site collection scope.

This solution has 2 features that get activated at the site collection level. The features allow all sites/webs to add the following web/parts

  • calendar roll up web part

  • data connector

Since the feature is activated at the site collection level which allows for these webparts to be added across the site collection, we want to know if these web/parts are actually being used at any site.

The want to know which sites, pages, etc is using these webparts so we can communicated alternative solution for these as the organization wants to no longer use this custom solution.

  • Mario Znika
  • Jul 8 2019
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