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Adding more metadata to the snapshots - SPDocKit Consultant

Having all these snapshots from different customers did me realize that the product is missing some essential “small” things in the snapshot management part of the tool.

While you can give your farm a name, it would be great if you could add some extra metadata to the snapshot via the UI:

- Customer Name

- Environment (DEV/TEST/UAT/PROD)

And allow this metadata to be used in the snapshots screen to organize/group snapshots. I’m currently using the farm name for this where I give it the name of the customer. But then it gets complicated if that customer has multiple farms and multiple environments.

All snapshots are also saved in the same location on disk. Nothing wrong with that. But this management and organization on disk a bit harder because all snapshots from all customers are in the same location. An option to create a subfolder in the snapshots folder per customer would be a nice addition.

  • Mario Znika
  • Jul 8 2019
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