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for an object (ex: site) to have a URL Associated with the report

My case is this: i have 15-20 business owner (which need syskit licenses in order to see what are the permission for their sites
For example john is responsible of the site Marketing and  Sales site
Mary is responsible of General Finance, Finance Treasury and Finance Controlling
John has a license syskit and Mary too
John enters in syskit and generate a url for site Marketing which allows him to see the permission (Who has access on the Marketing Site).
When he enter into the Intranet portal and choose the Marketing menu , he can enter in the Marketing site and somewhere on the page he will see Permission of current site (this will be the URL generated above. He then login with his credentials and see the permission for Marketing site
So, the request is to be able to see the report (permissions)  for an object (Marketing site) And has an URL Associated with this report
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  • Dec 16 2019
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